Introduction to John C. Maxwell’s Advanced Growth System!

Welcome to John C. Maxwell’s Advanced Growth System!

Hosted by Bethel Community Centre

On behalf of John, our team welcomes you to the 2018 Advanced Growth System. This next season of your life will be marked by challenges, nuance and change, but you’ll learn quickly that every day is an opportunity for incredible growth.

The course will take place over 15 sessions on pre-arranged Saturday Mornings about once a fortnight from February to August 2018.

Dates will all be available on the church website calendar. 

We will have always have access to the content once it's posted so the facility will be available to do small group catchups on occasions where a few people are missing such as the Colour conference or holidays. No-one will miss out on any of it as we will even record the audio and distribute to everyone for revision purposes.

Our enrolment in John’s Advanced Growth System includes:

    •    7 sessions of online learning with John on the 15 Laws of Growth.

    •    3 sessions of John’s new online course, “Put Your Dream to the Test.”

    •    5 sessions of John’s “Developing the Leader Within You” online course

The course alone normally costs $1495 per person.  We will also be producing additional materilas including notes and audio CDs for ongoing study. We are therefore making a nominal charge of £5.00 per session to cover everything.

A very worthwhile investment as a full completion of the course will be certified and will enhance your CV. 

If you're interested in reading the books associated with each course before you begin, you can buy them at The John Maxwell Store or  We may also incude other appropriate material from authors and teachers such as Jim Rohn, Steven Covey and Zig Zigler if time allows

Growth is a Choice with John Maxwell
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