Piercing the Darkness... Bible Marathon

We facilitated a Marathon Bible Reading over the August Bank Holiday Weekend on the pavement outside the Bethel Community Centre.

Reading began on Friday 25th August at 6.00PM with Genesis 1:1 and we fully intended to read the Bible through, night and day until we reached the last verse of Revelation which we expected to be some time on Monday evening. 

THE HOLY SPIRIT HAD ANOTHER PLAN. We were led in certain ways and on two occasions it became clear that instead of having just one reader standing behind the pulpit, that several readers should read at one time. Late on Sunday evening, actually it was after midnight so it was Monday morning, we had 10 readers outside the church all reading different passages. There were some marching up and down, some standing firm others sitting but all reading aloud. There was such a buzz I thought the neighbours would be up in arms but there was actually more of a peace than there had been all weekend. God was showing us a more effective way of warfare...our battle is not against our neighbours but FOR them. We are fighting principalities, powers and wicked spirits in the heavenly places and they certainly made themselves known over the weekend. We were confronted many times, we were ridiculed, withstood but we were not cast down and we were certainly not defeated. We saw in action what we read in Deuteronomy 32:30 ..."one of you will put a thousand to flight" (referring to those wicked spirits) "but two will put ten thousand to flight".

Maybe one day we will find out what 10 of us were able to do.

The Bethel was open throughout from before 6.00pm Friday until we actually finished just before 3.am Monday...Quite a few people joined us for drinks or hot soup... and even the odd bacon sandwich. 

While the reading continued outside we also had the prayer room open inside and believers from across Greater Manchester and Merseyside joined us for which we are very thankful.

There was constant prayer and praise inside the Bethel during the whole time and the Hindley Green Family Church Service took place as usual at 10.45-12.00 on Sunday morning. It was a good meeting and Pastor Rob's sermon should be on this site by now for anyone who would like to hear it. It is also available on Podcast.

We believe that delaring the Word of God over our area together with the fervent prayer of the saints has done more to facilitate a true Northern Powerhouse than the politicians will ever be able to do on their own. We continue to pray for all our politicians believing the Bible as it tells us there is no authority except by God (Romans 13:1)

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