August Bible Marathon

We will be facilitating a Marathon Bible Reading over the August Bank Holiday Weekend on the pavement outside the Bethel Community Centre.

Reading will begin on Friday 25th August at 6.00PM with Genesis 1:1 and the Bible will then be will read through night and day until we reaach the last verse of Revelation some time on Monday evening. 

The Bethel Community Centre will be open throughout the night and anyone at all will be welcome to join us for a cup of tea or delicious hot soup... and you might even catch a bread roll to go with it.

While the reading continues outside we also will have the prayer room open inside and are inviting believers from across Greater Manchester and Merseyside to join us. Some churches have already suggested they will send teams of between 3 and 10 people to take time slots and participate in the reading. There will be constant prayer and praise inside the Bethel during the whole 75 hours and the usual Hindley Green Family Church Service at will still take place 10.45-12.00 on Sunday morning. 

We believe and delare that the reading of the Word of God and the fervent prayer of the saints will do more to facilitate a true Northern Powerhouse than the politicians will ever be able to do on their own. We do of course pray for all our politicians and hope perhaps we might even see one or two of them joining us to take a short section of the reading.

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Time slots booking form
Teams and individuals who want to take part in the reading

Time table from 6.00 Friday - 9.00 Monday
Time table from 6.00 Friday - 9.00 Monday